How do I "take it slow"?

My Girlfriend of 3.5 years and I broke up about 6 weeks ago. We went from talking to not talking and now we're speaking again. She said that she wanted to start the process of getting back together but she wants to "take it slow." Our problems were a complete lack of communication from both of us which led to some hurting hearts, resentment and a fear of telling each other how we felt or what we needed. She said she wanted to start out as friends. The biggest obstacle I can see going forward is that her family now does not like me. They will have a major influence on any decisions she makes about us. How can I get her family to forgive me and give me a second chance? And what does "taking it slow" really mean? How can I make sure that I'm not rushing her into anything?

So now after we talked about moving forward last week she is now saying that she does not think she is ready and that she is scared to move forward. She changed her mind and did a complete 180. I do not understand Women!


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  • Go have dinner with her family and then go into the room with her dad and talk to him and get any tensions smoothed out.

    About taking it slow...dont pressure her into sex or anything let her seduce you if she wants. Let kissing be special and sweet. Don't kiss her until your 2nd or 3rd date (depending on how far apart your dates are) take her to the park or lake as its starting to get dark and kiss her lightly when the sun is setting. Save making out for later on in the relationship and after youve gone to dinner with her fam. WATCH HITCH with will smith it should help.


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  • Most people tend to think they're right. I suggest you talk and agree with certain members of her family about your poor communication skills and ask for their advice/insight.

    Before focusing on communication skills, make sure there's something of substance underneath (like the friendship she wants with you). Otherwise, better communication skills are only going to improve the speed at which mutual gripes are contended.