She hard to read, I need some female perspective?

We just started hanging out. its always been in a group setting. She likes to hang, poke, sing and dance with everyone, guys and girls. But when were out with her friends she will run off and talk to all the guys there and leave me behind. She has so much energy, I think its awesome. Im not a jealous guy at all. But I can't seem to tell if she really is into me because of all that. We hung out on the 4th of July with a group of her friends. She told me how lonely she's been and how there's no nice guys out there. She never gotten flowers before.

The next time we hung out I got her a beautiful blue orced flower. We have plans to do 2 long week end trips together next month. But I've had female friends I've shared a bed with. We are going out just the 2 of us this week end. I dont want to scare this girl off.


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  • How did she react to the flower?

    • She was super suprised. She told me it was super sweet. She huged me a couple times. Shw thanked me a few more times throughout the night

    • Good sign. Try holding hands with her in public next and see how she reacts to that.

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