Question about a confusing girl?

This girl and I have been going back and forth at work for a year now. She has a boyfriend so it makes things annoying and frustrating. When I first started she gave me all the signs she had a crush on me and we started getting kind of close in the sense that we talked almost daily. We'd do this one week she'd disappear on me the next. Back and forth like this for months the same cycle over and over. I began to ignore her and talk about other girls around her. She would occasionally flirt with a buddy of mine in front of me strategically i felt. I ignored her hard and was cold to her for almost 2 months at one point and I know she was mad at me. I'd test it out and talk to her and she'd at cold or too busy to talk like barely turn around from her computer. We have group lunches once a month. I started skipping a lot of then because I didn't want to be made jealous. Now she has skipped like the last 7 of them. When it was my turn to pick she emails me directly and says she's too busy to go, which I already knew she wasn't going. Then I was out of town for the next one and when I get back she says "we missed you at lunch" and I'm thinking "wtf you went to one?" She also will like call in sick or skip out in meetings where I'll see her. Last week in a meeting she kept like looking to see if I was paying attention to her, and I wasn't. Then I looked over at her, she looked quickly hen away. Then she. Gets up and leaves halfway through the meeting which was bizarre. What the hell is going on?


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  • she is mad at you for doing that but she does like you and wants to get closer to you without making it obvious.

    • then why is skipping lunches and pulling those little moves? I don't understnad that?

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    • What is the purpose of the game?

    • she thinks it makes it less obvious she likes you.

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