How can stop being very anxious at the beginning of a relationship?

This happens to me whenever I meet guy and we apparently like each other.

I start getting nervous and anxious. For example:
- something will happen that will block our date
- Something happens and my hair gets bad or acne flares out. I get acne frequently, not very bad though.
- The guy will stop liking me

Please any tips? I feel so restless.


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  • You need to learn to manage your anxiety when dating someone. Nothing is ever a sure thing, so try not to put so much pressure on yourself to have things work out.

    If a guy truly likes you, then a bad hair day or bad acne day won't scare him off. If it does, it means he's shallow and doesn't really like you.

    • Thank you. I think what you said makes sense perfextly.

    • You're welcome! :) Glad I could help! I know this feeling, I get anxious too. Sometimes it's hard not to, especially when you really like the guy. I had a lot of anxiety over a guy I was seeing recently. It ended up not working out, but that's his loss! Always look at it that way, it's their loss because they miss out on how great of a person you are! :)

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  • Humor, try to lighten your load with a little jovial interactions. Try being positive with some humor mixed in.


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  • Okay take a deep breath. It's completely normal to be nervous, healthy even. Can I just say that if he makes you feel anything other than special he's not worth it! Trust me, I learnt the hard way that you should never settle for anything less than what you deserve. Find someone who likes you for you and don't forget to smile.

    I'm not the best at advice but I've been in a ridiculous amount of relationships ahaha

    • :) thank you for your response.

      Yeah I have met a guy and things are okay now.

      I will try to take a deep breath:)

  • its really normal, i promise. having a crush and being in a relationship can be very stressful and new and confusing. things will all get better and feelings of anxiety and fear will fade out with time. once you feel more comfortable with the guy, you'll feel better about the relationship. all you gotta do is relax and take one step at a time. itll get better, i know it will from experience.