When should I tell him I love him?

I know this is a bit cliche but when should I tell my boyfriend that I love him?

We've been dating just over an month now, and I know that it's too early for me to tell him now. But every time I look at him, every time we spend time together, all I can think is, "God I love you." I have to hold myself back from saying it though, cuz the saying the L word too early ultimately ruined my longest relationship, even though I did love the guy in the end.

I myself want to wait until we've been dating 2-3 months, but what scares me, is that his longest relationship was 3 months, whereas my longest was 9 months. I'm afraid that I might miss my chance

When should I tell him that I love him?


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  • I would say that you should say it the moment you are ready! There no such thing as saying it too early, if you really see that he likes you too then why wait? :)


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  • All that will fade away in about 6 months. That's an estimate of course. But if you still feel that in a year. Then you can say it. Until then, it's more likely lust than anything else. If you don't say it you don't have to laugh at yourself a couple of years from now telling yourself you was a fool for thinking/saying you loved him. Bc the probability is. It's just the new car feeling that fades away with time. Trust me. Keep the "I love you" to yourself. At least for a while. If he is smart he will respect the fact that you are wise and mature enough to recognize lust from true love.


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