Help! I was needy! Will he ever call again!?

was seeing a guy that I met online for a little over a month. We had a good connection, went out several times and became intimate at about the one month mark (more than once). He texted or called every day but his profile was still active as was mine. Even though I wasn't seeing anyone else or talking to anyone else. The last time that I saw him was one week ago. He came over for dinner and left around 9. he received a phone call right after sex which he said was his son. Then left. I got suspicious (which I had no right to ask) but I did... If he was seeing other people. He replied that he wasn't and was that where I thought he was going. I told him I believed him. Over the wknd I didn't really hear from him a lot. So I texted and asked if he was ok? On Sunday he replied and said that he had forgotten his charger. I'm a Scorpio and jealous by nature. So I replied with " obviously I feel like you have lost interest bci don't get nearly as many texts from you. I hope that you find what you're looking for. No response. The next day after feeling bad for what I said I texted and said" I never said that I didn't want to see you anymore but I just won't expect as much. If you'd like to talk about things over dinner let me know" and still nothing. I know that I looked bat shit crazy. I wish I could take it back. Is there any way to redeem myself to where he'll give me another chance? Will he ever call again after that? Should I text again saying I'm sorry or just let it go?: (


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  • You can't do anything now.


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