Why do girls ignore you for. So confusing?

Went out with girl 3 times agreed to be my gf and was happy. This past week she seems to be dating another guy after telling me she don't cheat or lie. Never heard from her again. Why do girls do that? I mean she told me we where going to fast? Honestly I feel like she showed a pic of me to her friends and they didn't like it.

She is 24, I would say immature much? Move on? Would she ever message me again?


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  • Okay.. you ask a girl out after ONLY 3 dates and then wonder why she says it's moving too fast... oh maaan :/ It's going to take a lot more than 3 dates to make anyone agree to a relationship. Relationships are serious stuff. In kindergarten or primary school you asked someone out on date number 1 but then we kinda grow up and realize it takes more. I don't get why she agreed to it though when it's clear that she has been scared off... perhaps she understood you wrong when you asked her out? Did you say "please be in a relationship with me?" cause if she did and you two entered a formal relationship then what she did was considered cheating but somewhere something tells me that you two were never that official to begin with hence her behavior.

    • I asked her after are date and she said Yes. She told me how awesome I was. After are last date she told me best date she ever had. Like I have no idea what happened. Sun morning she was all excited to see me later that day. That afternoon she cancels on me told me going to fast? Told me friends talked to her? Like really only opinion that should matter is yours right?

    • Yeah you're absolutely right. It shouldn't be about her friends. I honestly think you two were moving too fast so she's right about that on the other hand. You can't know if someone is you're life partner in 3 dates. It takes more.

    • Well let me ask you. Some people have sex on the 1st date. She loved being with me and I was an awesome guy to her. I wonder if i would ever hear from her again

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  • she's just not that into you. she met someone better. as simple as that. and she's not cheating for sure, you guys weren't in a committed relationship though so she and also you are allowed to see anyone else and choose to leave when you want to.

    • Yes but not telling me she doesn't want to be with anybody else would that not confuse you?

  • She probably likes him more
    Maybe she was seeing him longer than you


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  • Something happened throughout the day obviously and she spoke to her friends about it. One major possibility is she might have been getting to know you and the 'other guy' at the same time and in it you lost out.

    Plus I doubt she showed them your picture. Dont always assume its negative. Maybe she did like you but liked the other person more. At least she didn't string you along unless you kissed or had sex

    • We kissed alot. Tons of it. She would touch my chest. She let me kiss her neck. touch her chest. How did I not get her? Would you now be confused too. Tongue kissing and every thing,

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    • It just kind of hurts a little bit that's all. I thought I had a girlfriend I guess not LOL. Well next

    • You'll be over it soon..

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