Ladies when online dating, would you initiate things with a guy?

I mean based on his pics and profile. If you thought he looked cute, interesting, smart or were interested in something about him would you initiate.

  • Yes I would start a conversation with him
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  • No I won't start anything. That's his job
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  • I start conversations with guys all the time online. More with guys I so-so about, than guys I find super attractive, though.

    If a guy has too much going for him and is cute, I try to back off. I may be receptive if he talks to me, but otherwise I try to shoot for guys I find attractive and I feel I could keep the attention of. Occasionally even guys I don't find physically attractive if it seems like we may hit it off, just in case. That one hasn't panned out yet, though.

    • That's very interesting you go for the guys you don't find as attractive. I guess they may get more attention.

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    • I've also had guys not respond - so don't let guys convince you that it never happens to women. I'm fully 100% average, too - not beautiful and not ugly. I don't see why people get so mad about being ignored by someone online because you don't even know the people.

    • That makes a lot of sense. I feel pretty similarly. I just want to be sexually attracted enough and then personality will win me over.

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What Girls Said 4

  • I would. I never start conversations with the typical "hello how are you"
    Normally I'm random about how I start a conversation, I feel like it is more relaxed this way.
    For example
    "Does your arm match the rest of your body?"
    Flirty, funny, and ice breaker.

  • I have, but rarely received replies. And if I did, they ended up being creepers lol.

    • Replies are probably pretty rare with online dating lol

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    • That's good. I think it depends on how serious the two of you are about the online dating.

    • Honestly, I only registered for shits and giggles back then, did my fair share of trolling and ended up meeting the man of my dreams lol.

  • That is his job. :)

  • I would start a conversation with him. But I'm getting tired of it. I always initiate and nothing ever happens :/


What Guys Said 1

  • I met a girl on okcupid, that I dated for 3 years. She started the whole conversation and wanted to meet rather quickly. But genrally the girls your going to be into won't initiate the convo

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