Recently had a break up , Is it soon to start another relationship for me?

I recently had a break up and now looking for find a way to take my ex back. I get hit by girls a lot and one of them found about about my break up and start to text and call every day. its clear that she wants me to be with her or at least wants to try me.
I think its too soon but don't want to miss this chance too.


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  • I think you should take it slow, relax and mingle in the single life. Going from one relationship to another is difficult because it takes time to get over the girl you were with.

    Tell her you need time, because you don't want to bring any shit from the first relationship into a relationship that could happen. And from there, mingle, have one night stands if you're into that, and just have fun. You have time to find the girl of your dreams, just be patient. And always observe, if the girl is trying to heard to get your attention, she could be a stalker, or just really desperate. And if she is cool and texts you and calls you on occasion, she's into you, to a point. You have to work on that with that person and see where that may go.

    Remember there are many….. fish in the ocean! So go fishing!!!


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  • depends on you. If you've moved on go for it.


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