Questions about the chase?

What makes a guy (player or not) chase a girl? How long would a guy chase a girl? For sex? For a relationship?

Also if a player gets denied, why would he continue to chase a girl? There are some players that get rejected and move on easily. Example a random chick at the bar. Why would you end up chasing another girl?

Filler. Hate this shit


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  • Usually guys chase girls who are a challenge, interesting, or someone that they can relate to. In some other cases, some guys might actually just chase looks or body. And last but not least: through a dare (which is one of the worst reasons why.) Some guys keep chasing girls until they can get in their pants (if they are players) or until they realize they can't get the girl.

    If a player gets denied, they would continue to chase the girl since it feels like they must keep their record (for ex. screwing all the girls at school, etc.) And for the random chick at the bar, well its because they are desperate for sex (one-night stand), or the girl is super duper attractive.


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  • Well I don't chase and I avoid women at the bars so I'm not the best one to answer this!


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