Would you ever leaver her for someone better?

Just curious as to the thought process of men. Let's say you are in a long term relationship. You know you care about her and know she can be really hard to deal with sometimes, different viewpoints and priorities but you've been with her a long time.

However you meet another girl along the way, you two become friends. You two have the same interests and hobbies, fairly attractive, and she's easier to relate to and you have fun being around her.

What would you do?

  • Stay with my current gf, I'm not ruining a good thing and/or a long history
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  • I'd date both
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  • I'd leave my girlfriend for the new girl
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  • Although new girl is appealing, not worth risking current relationship to find out about n ew girl but i'll probably regret it and have a hard time controling my feelings
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Depends really, i'd be tempted to say I would consider leaving... but i'd not do it based on a first impression of a girl, i'd have to really know the other girl.

    • how long would it take for you to make a decision? weeks? months? years? Does being married make a difference or would it not matter?

    • Again that depends, if I wasn't happy in my relationship i'd leave very quickly. If I liked her but not as much it might eventually happen but it would take weeks-months. Being married probably would matter, but i'd personally not get married to anyone if I thought there was someone 'better' out there for me.

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What Guys Said 4

  • It depends on the person you are. I am a loyal dog. I will only be with one woman at one time. If for some reason we are not working out then I would end it and my gf would know why, but I guarantee you I would not hypothetically be dating that other girl within the year.

  • The new girl is better in every way? bye bye.

  • It depends. If your current gf is a real nag it will get worse as she gets older. Trust me.
    I'd dump her ass in a heartbeat ! Why put up with a bitch who treats you like shit? Life
    is way too short !

  • I wouldn't leave my wife but I'd hook up with her friend


What Girls Said 1

  • Explain D. How is it different from A? Why are there 2 choices for staying with girlfriend and only 1 for leaving? Obviously you want guys to pick "stay with girlfriend" if you want accurate results ask a question where it's either one or the other not two against one.

    • Well the difference from A and D is

      A means you meet someone better but it doesn't matter your staying with your gf no matter what... D means you meet someone better and are into her but because you have a sense of responsibility you are going to stay with the gf but probably will have a hard time doing so.