I don't know what to do, I'm too young?

My boyfriend and I have been having sex for awhile now. Almost like everytime we hang out. But I see him like twice a week sometimes or three times. I just ended my period and two days later we did it. No condom. So on my underwear, I saw the discharge brownish pinkish. Like the rest of the discharge is white but just that one spot and its like a lint size. No more has been coming out just that one time. And it happened the day before too. I've looked up what it is and, yea I got scared cuz its part of the being pregnant. I mean I didn't feel him cumm in me so I don't believe I am but it scared me quite alot. I was crying and freaking out. No other symptoms have happened. And I wanna take the after pull but shits cost like 30 bucks and thaat isn't coming out of my ass. Anyways, I need help, sorry for cursing, I'm just kinda mad. I told him and he said, 'i know your not' and 'if you are then you are but if your not then your not, well go through this together' and i just wanna buy the pill and end this panic already. Tell me what it means? And please don't try to scare me and be stupid. Thanks xx


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  • 1. Why are you having unprotected sex?
    2. Women can feel the penis contracting, but they don't always feel the sperm. You have been impregnated.
    3. Get a kit that tells you if you are pregnant/see the doctor. Or just get a pill before its too late. A baby could already be making itself in your uterus.

    • 1. I didn't think we get this far
      2. We've done it like way more and nothing has happened, until I saw the discharge that color
      3. Where's the cheapest and where?

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    • I was asking a damn question, of what the hell is going on. Then you basically were bashing on how a stupid choice I made. Yea I get it! You think I'm happy? For god sake. All I need was damn advice.

    • You got the advice. Take it or leave it. Just realize that people have opinions, and they will express it on this site. It even says: "Add your opinion" in the opinion box. You know my opinion. Either accept it, or move on to somebody else. I couldn't care less! :)

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  • You can worry about him paying half for the Plan B later. You need (ed) to take the emergency contraception.

    • Do you know the cheapest? And where?

    • just go (GO) to the drugstore and ask for emergency contraception. They'll know what to give you.

    • Thank you

  • preserve the life of that little cute thing forming in you its a blessing. imagine what if it were you. Its a blessing from God. yo bf is cool with it you'll do this together all the best

  • If it will make you feel better buy it

  • Okay $30 vs 18+ years of feeding clothing housing and educating another human being that will probably never give any of it back. Your choice. Being totally serious right now.

    • But really it might be too late for that anyways. Get some pregnancy pills and start thinking about options. Keep it, put it up for adoption, or get an abortion. There's nothing wrong with doing any of the three don't let others decide for you this is your life not theirs.

    • Sorry tests not pills

  • Pregnancy test? You get an answer in around two minutes. If not, great, if you are, get the pill. If you can't do that, well, I'm against abortion, so I'd say deliver and do adoption.

    • I meant to down vote. Pregnancy tests dont work right after unprotected sex, you need to wait weeks. Take the damn plan B.

    • How long has it been since you've used one? They work within days at least

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  • The day after pill is only effective for 48 hours I think, so it may be too late. If you can't afford a pill how can you afford a baby. Advice spend the fucking money on birth control now and in the future. There's tons of different kinds of contraceptives you can use.

    • But do you think? I mean no other symptoms had happened

    • Are you fucking kidding me. Who cares what the symptoms are. If you have a 1percent chance of being knocked up you deal with it. Don't make another stupid decision on hmmm what to do? Stop making bad decisions.

  • Why aren't you using contraception? I just don't understand how you can be having sex and placing the next 18+ years of your life in the hands of fate! You could be... There's a show called "I didn't know I was pregnant." I really hope you aren't pregnant because by the impression I'm getting, you're nowhere near ready for a kid. Get tested because the morning after only works 48 hours after. And if you aren't, please be more careful.