Lying about my age and I dont know what to do?

Its this guy that I really like and I told him that I was 17 but I am really 16 and we have been talking and such for over 6weeks. He just turned 20 and I will be turning 17 in 3weeks and I really like him and dont want him to stop talking to me

I haven't told him when my birthday was


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  • Women often lie about their age. Its a turn off for quite a few men, as it shows deception and dishonesty, which can be signs of a cheater!

    Tell you lied. Tell him why you lied. Apologize to him, because he was tricked. Then make up :)

    • i think this is probably the best advice you'll get. if you admit to it and tell him why and that you're sorry he's more likely to be able to move past it, rather than if he found out some other way.

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  • It's not that bad of a lie because it's accurate... Unless you told him what year you were born

  • Ur age ain't bad , your legal at 16 so it doesn't matter

  • That's not big deal you just told him you were one year up. Did you tell him when your birthday is?