Why can no guy keep my attention anymore?

Grant it, I've been in an abusive relationship two years ago and just got burned by another psycho and a manipulative guy friend earlier this year, I'm just not captivated by men anymore. I want the attention and to talk, but they all bore me within the first exchange and I lose interest. Very few guys know how to hold my interest in a conversation. I think I've also learned that they never go past talking, so why should I waste my time? I also feel like I'm looking for the long-haul, marriage-material, serious relationship and a lot of men don't fit my minor guidelines/views for a match. I'm tired of being burnt over pointless, "now" relationships. It's beginning to worry me as to why I can't be captivated by any man. It's like I want to meet the one, but don't want to put in the effort to put myself out there unless I think he's close to Mr. Right. Am I just so guarded now that I don't let anyone close, so they all bore me? I just wish I could figure out why most men bore me to tears...


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  • I think you have your guard and your defensives way to up. You are also protecting your heart way to much. But since you been in some bad relationships then it makes it tough to trust guys. I do think it's good at least your trying to talk to guys. I just think your not giving it a chance for anything to develop. True it's hard to find the right type. Guys do say stupid things and do stupid things. So you will run into knucleheads. But their are nice guys out their. You just haven't been running into them or talking to them. It's alright to have guys as friends. Not every guy will be a potential match or match every thing on your criteria list. I think it's hard to find a perfect match and it takes a lot of time and patience. But you must also realize that not all guys are abusers or are psychos and are crazy. Yes those types are out their but not every guy is like that. I think it will take some time but I think just try not to be too guarded when you go on dates because you might scare away or push away a potential match. Sometimes it takes time to get use to somebody.


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