If a girl gives me her number without me asking, is it good and what does it mean?

We were finishing our shifts at work and we walked out together talking and she said, do you have my number? I said no, She said oh well here it is and she gave it to me, and it was her number. We talk usually every day I just want some opinons.


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  • I think she might just like talking to you and maybe is hoping that you contact her outside of work to hang out. Not always the case that she sees you in a romantic way, but hey she is at least interested in a friendship so that's a good sign. I think you should take this opportunity to hang out with her more if you like her and see how things progress.


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  • If a girl gives you her number and you talk frequently, she likes you, end of story. I've exchanged numbers with male coworkers but I don't talk to them everyday. I would only talk to a guy a lot if I liked him

  • Well since you didn't ask for there are two possible reasons.
    1. She wants to be friends
    2. She likes you and wants to talk to you.


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  • it means she wants your cock inside her.

    • I wanted something helpful