I'm so confused about my feelings about my friend?

So there is this girl with whom i've grown closer to over the past few months, as of right now i'm not interested in being in a relationship with her, but maybe in the future i think something can happen between us. She is an amazingly sweet and attractive girl, but i feel like she's way out of my league, the guys she usually hangs out with are substantially more attractive than me and i feel like i can't measure up to that. I have no problem talking to girls but there is just something about her that makes me feel so comfortable, just seeing her smile allows me to calm down whenever i'm worried, but i think maybe it's best to just stay friends with her, this is a relationship i don't want to ruin by trying to move too fast but maybe i'm just not mature enough to be in a serious relationship with someone i may actually feel something for, i constantly feel jealous when i see her hang around her guy friends, but at the same time i dont want to date her just yet, for some reason i want to show her that her chubby friend can actually turn into someone she can be physically as well as mentally attracted to, i'm just confused about whether i actually like her or i'm just jealous of the other guys.


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  • How does she act around you

    • she's always telling me how sweet i am and that i'm great, i'm always making her laugh too

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    • Then obviously she's knows u got other girls so you can stay friends with her

    • maybe i'm just trying to get her jealous, so she feels like i'm not waiting hands and knees for a reply from her, and she'll know that i have options as well

  • Chubby? You gotta tell me bro, is the jack black style cuz that would be sexaaay ;D

    • just love handles, but i do have muscles and that's something i like to show off but other than that i'm not really that fat

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    • thanks bro, that really does bring me at ease

    • Glad to hear, good luck man :)

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