Bf still affected with ex of five years?

my bf said he is sad, i asked him why. he told me he dont wanna say it because i will get mad. i told him what is it

then he told me he found out that his ex was in a relationship too, he said he was shocked and hurt a little bit

i asked him why would he be shock and hurt? is he still hoping that he and his ex will be back together?

then he said. he didn't expect that his ex would move on that fast because she said she wanna be single and free. and he said he dont want her back..

i told him girls say that because they wanna get out of the relationship, they say they wanna be single because they wanna meet other people and whan they found their prospect partner they would gladly jump to be in a relationship.

then i told him he made sad and drink more ( i was already drinking when he told me that)

then he said thank you for making me feel bad

i told him that im just being honest with him like he's being honest with me

he said he was expecting me to cheer him up or take the lead but it went to a different level. it wasn't his intention to hurt me

i told him im not trying to make him feel bad. he rather have me feel sad for a bit then be over it than be crazy mad like most girls reaction. told him im sorry im already drinking and im pmsing so my emotions and judgment are not the same when im sober

he said its not the good time to talk and doesn't want to talk about it..

I don't know what to think anymore :(


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  • I had an ex that was still affected by a past girlfriend that broke up with him years ago. Needless to say, that's why he's an ex now.


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  • So, you made it about you, instead of him (which he said he didn't want to tell you in the first place). He basically proved himself right... next time, don't ask


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