Help! I can't seem to tell her?

So I met this girl on the train about a month ago we ride train to college as well as bikes back and fourth. As I got to know her I just love who she is as a person dorky fun and into cars (big plus for me) and into photography. I've been thinking of telling her I like her (planned to do it in sign language as she is taking that course right now in college yea a little cheesy but knowing her shell find it cute... I hope lolz), but every time I gather my courage something interferes and I lose the moment. I feel as everyday passes I edge closer to the friend zone if I have not yet crossed it.

I had planned to invite her on a bike trail today and tell her then, but I wad bit by a dog this week (not badly) so I can't ride for the next week or so :\

What do you suggest I can do?


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  • Well honestly, it would depend on the type of girl she is. As you say, she's dorky. I think the sign language thing would work. Or you could tell her that you like her with a book with a boomnark that says it. I know thats ki d of weird but, my boyfriend did it and it was really cute to me. If that doesn't work... well I apologize, because that's all I have.


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