First impressions...

how many of you guys f***ed up the first impression when meeting your girl's dad?

what did you do and what did he say?

if you are a dad yourself, how much does the first impression count for you? and can the second impression make up for it? (you haven't seen the guy for 3.5 months, and live 5hours away from your daughter)


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  • Met him at the end of a school day when he was picking my girlfriend/his daughter up.

    Unlike Chaaz, he later told my girlfriend (who then told me) that I didn't have a hard enough grip.

    It was only a very quick first impression, and aside from the handshake it wasn't too bad.

    A few weeks later I went on a date at night and her parents drove me home. That was a lot better; more chatting, less hand-shaking.

  • Well. A lot of bad things I did.

    1. When I shook his hand, he said I gripped it too tight.

    2. WHen I offered to help him fix his boat, I broke his tools

    3. I was trying to help him mow the lawn and broke his lawn mower.

    4. I tossed him a beer and it hit him in the face by mistake.

    5. We were working on his car together to BOND, and when he asked me to hand him coolant for the engine, I handed him paint thinner instead by mistake; f***ed up the engine.

    A lot of bad sh*t happened. But he still liked me, just wanted me to stay away from him.


    • Oh my. I'm sorry. (lol) how'd the realtionship go? ( you and the girl)