Guys, how long do you wait to have friends meet a girl your dating?

How long are you dating a girl before you have your friends meet her? What about family? What are some reasons why you wouldn't want your friends to meet her? If you have been dating a girl for say 3 months & tell your friends how awful she treats you & all these negative things about her why not let us meet her?


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  • 1. I try to have my friends meet my girlfriend asap
    2. I tend to keep my family far away from my social life in all aspects so never.
    3. Reasons, if she's a hoe, if you know your friends will hate her, if she can't stop talking.
    4. Maybe its not him that doesn't want to meeting to take place, perhaps its the girl. she doesn't seem too friendly.

  • I have a buddy whose house is just a chill spot and it's nothing but a fun time whenever I bring people over there, even dates.


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