Should I call him again or wait??

So I've been seeing this guy for almost 3 months and everything is awesome when were together we talk about the future and everything else I love being with him this weekend he met my family as the guy I'm dating even though our families have been friends since we were babies well that night he told me he had a good day and loves being with me and then I haven't heard from him since I texted him yesterday and he texted me back then I asked him when will he be seeing me again and He totally ignored it and didn't answer me should I text him again and be like so are we going to hangout or not!


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  • wait was this yesterday? he might have not gotten the text? you could text him or even call him to see if your plans are still on, but if he doesn't answer then just leave it and let him get back to you

    • No I'm sure he got the text ..we didn't have plans I was trying to make them I don't know if I should text him again and just tell him I want to see him on a certain day or should I just wait for him to call me and say I want to see you ?/

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    • Very True lol... thanks for your advice!!!

    • :) your welcome!

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  • i know what ur going threw trust me -_-. I been currently dating my boyfriend for almost two months and we only went out once and I asked him when we gonna see each other again and he's all like, idk, I'm busy and I'm like omGod I mean come one I'm ur gf, come see me dammit lol

    but yeah you should ask because that's what I'm about to do when we talk tonight, I'm gonna demand his ass to see me lmao or else >=/ lol k good luck, just ask and see what his answer will be [: k

  • My boyfriend does that a lot. Don't text him and wait for the text back. I'm sure there is a reason behind it.

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