What is your dating pattern? How long do you know a person before flirting with them? Or dating them? or Sleeping with them? Share stories!?

My dating pattern is usually like this: I go on a first date, if we like each other we will sleep together in a few weeks. We bone a few more times, and then it fizzles out. I would like more lasting relationships, but I dont like waiting too long or becoming too familiar with each others friends. How do you find that balance?

I had a discussion with an older friend of mine about the timing that dopamine and oxytocin are used in the brain with regard to dating. When looking back at our prior relationships we made a few conclusions:

1) The most satisfying and pleasing relationships are ones where the partners knew each other for sometime before they started dating

2) At 18 months of dating, dopamine runs low and without much "chemistry" for the brain to pump out oxytocin, most relationships end

3) Knowing a person for up to 18 months prior to dating, will lead to a longer relationship. Dopamine and oxytocin are blended


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  • I have been friends with both my exes as well as my current boyfriend before getting together. Never went on dates, just hang out, play video games, smoke weed and talk about stuff. First relationship it took me a couple of months to sleep with him once we started dating and the second one it was a few weeks.


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  • I met a guy through mutual friends. We made an immediate eye connection. I could tell he was interested. Talking to him, I found out he's very funny. We arranged to get together. After our first date, I really wanted him, but I settled for giving him a long, hard kiss. We arranged to get together again, and after the second date, we slept together. Now he's my husband and father of my beautiful daughter.


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