How to tell my SO that her breath stinks?

We haven't been dating too long, but the thing is that she works super long shifts at her job in the food industry and when we go on dates, lately her breath has been kinda... terrible.

Clearly she is just overworked and stressed out (she works like 60-70 hrs a week) and she doesn't notice/it slips her mind but its kinda killing me. she's super funny/intelligent/attractive but dag gum what I wouldn't give for her to take 30 seconds and brush those teeth before a date.

Is there a way for me to bring this up?


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  • Nope. There is nooo way that you can do this without hurting her feelings.

    What I would do is buy some gum. Then when she gets into the car or place casually take out the packet and have some, then offer it to her. She would probably take some and your problem is sorted.

    • That does seem to be a good cop out, I'm gonna try it!

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  • Have her meet a friend of yours you don't scare about much, tell him beforehand to make a comment about her breath. You get to console her and she wishes up about her breath


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