A girl says she loves you and can't stop thinking about you, makes the dates but then flakes on you and won't talk for the next few days?

there's this girl that went through a divorce, is currently a go-go dancer, and has been visiting my Facebook page and liking nearly all my pics, videos, and status updates. we talk from time to time online and cell phone via text. she says she loves me, can't stop thinking about me, thinks i'm cute, handsome, really funny, a sweetheart and LOVES the fact that I'm honest even if it hurts. After I opened up and told her how I felt about her, she then asks me if I was talking to any other girls besides her, so I told her there were 2 other girls, but there's absolutely no spark with any of them like how I have with her. she'll set up a date to meet/date but would flake on me and give no reason to why she did. I suspect that she might not be single after seeing some pics or videos of her hanging out with this best guy friend she has. it's pretty suspicious, especially since this is making me feel like a dirty little secret and I don't want to be involved with someone who isn't saying if they're single or not. I'm thinking "if she wasn't single, she wouldn't be showing interest in me though." I really like this girl, she's a sweetheart, but for someone that claims to appreciate consistency, she seems inconsistent with how she says one thing but does something completely different. what do you think? should I keep talking to her and just let the pieces fall where they may? I mean, she knows I'm not like the dudes that just hit it and quit it, but do you think she's scared or way too busy with an unstable job? thanks for any help/opinions.


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  • Sorry, but just sounds like she's a professional flirt.

    • I highly doubt that a professional flirt will waste her time visiting my profile when there are plenty of bars/lounges to do that sort of thing. I'll admit one thing right now, she is a very attractive girl with options (or in simpler terms, a smoking hot babe.) Usually, I would just keep to myself and ignore a hot looking girl because my outlook on them is they seem shady for some reason. it's messed up to think this way, but I eventually figure out that they either prove my initial suspicions correct or they genuinely see something interesting in me... which in this case, she gave me a chance instead of the hundreds of thirsty dudes that obsess over her body and appearance.

    • I just gave my opinion based on what you said. Of course you know her better so take it with a grain of salt. But one thing that really screams at me is this part "but for someone that claims to appreciate consistency, she seems inconsistent with how she says one thing but does something completely different" If she loved you, her actions would not contradict her words.

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  • You say she's going through a divorce apparently that is a tough time for anyone. Maybe give her some space then talk to her again. I think she is scared.

    • that's my initial thought. I just don't know why she would make plans to see me several times and then flake...