I know it's so cliche but, why do nice guys finish last?

It's been a cliche for a long while, yet has an aspect of truth to it. Why?

If you want an example, read Tucker Max (The exact opposite of a "nice guy")


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  • They don't finish at all, to be honest.

    Unfortunately nice is not a desired trait, girls want confidence and they mistake cockiness and douchebaggery for it.


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  • Because we as a society haven't allowed that myth to die.

  • They don't! they just go after the wrong girls who only wanted hot mean players! I had a huge crush on a nice guy last year and he went after the wrong girl and got hurt and in that year he carried on going after the wrong girls and getting hurt! and this year he finally went for me and were happy! Its just the people they choose!

  • Most try a few times and give up. Dating is a numbers game.

    Or they want something, but don't want to put effort into achieving it. They want sexual glances, but don't hit the gym. They want to meet women, but not to give up Sat night Halo. Etc

    Also, what does nice even mean? Doing favors to chicks you wanna bone? Listening when other people speak? Hardly anyone is as nice as they think. Common courtesy should be a given.

    Lots of conscientious and similar valued guys and gals meet, fall in love and have happy lives. But if they're hiding behind fear of rejection, lack of effort in physical attractiveness, lack of effort in meeting new people... It's a lot harder!

    P. S.
    Tucker Max - a) he's an entertainer and slinging bull for the sake of stories. not saying he doesn't pull ass, but he exaggerates for a good effect. b) he's hanging with drunks and drugged female dbags.


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