Would you date a fraternity guy?

Why or why not? Do you have a good past with them?


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  • Yes I would. I'm in a sorority and I've gotten to know some while doing events through Greek life at school.
    Not all of them are wild and crazy lol.

  • I honestly only know 2 guys in a fraternity.
    One of them my friend dated and he wasn't really the best boyfriend.
    The other guy is a pretty nice guy, funny, smart, polite, etc. He just flirts a lot and is a little bit man-whoreish (his words, not mine haha). I would date him except for the fact that I don't know if I could get over how flirty/friendly he is with girls. and a couple other girls I know have said how cute, nice, etc he is but they wouldn't be able to get over the flirting thing either. I know two of his ex-gfs and they have nothing but positive things to say about him.

    I think its a mixed bag when it comes to frat guys... I suppose I "would" date one... but I'd have to really get to know him first and I'd be a little skeptical going into it.