Girls, Would you date a guy who you viewed as a friend only?

Basically i'm trying to avoid the friendzone here. This girl I like (she likes me as well) is going to college in 2 and a half months and I don't want this to get in the way of anything. If she says yes to a date, does this necessarily mean that she's looking for something other than friendship? She wouldn't want to waste my time or anything and it's clear that i'm not going to be her gay best friend or anything.

What do you think girls? I don't want to feel lead on


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  • I think you shouldn't classify her response into a yes or a no. If she said no, maybe she's just not ready for a relationship and it doesn't necessarily mean she's not interested in you. And if she said yes, it probably means she thinks you're a good guy and wants further development of the relationship, friendly or romantically, or both.

    • Thing is, a guy usually only wants a girl to be interested if there's something serious on the horizon

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  • Some of my guy friends I view as just "friends" but some, if given the right situation, have the potential for more. So it's not true that guy friends will always be guy friends because some girls end up marrying their best-friends.

  • i guess it's more than friendship.

    but i have a question- can a guy date a girl if he doesn't like her that way ( more than a friend)

    • It's less common, unless that guy was gay or didn't mind just being a friend, which is rarely the case

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