Just because he found out I cared?

Just because he relized im a great catch and that i actually care... does it mean he may wanna get back together


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  • If a person dismissed a book on the basis of its cover, then later realized its content was relevant, justified and enlightening, would that person then be able to forget the fact that he had acted ignorantly by dismissing it in the first place? The guy who may have let you go has been rather hasty or judgmental, do you think it would matter if he finally realized that you had more value to him than he expected? He has to change up his habits a bit, instead of being quick to judge, perhaps he should instead habituate himself to saying "I don't know what's in that book", "I don't know how I feel about you yet". There's a sort of humility that's required so that growth can ensue, or knowledge for our purpose. So, is the problem really him not recognizing you or him being judgmental? If the latter, then I'm afraid you've got a bigger problem to deal with.

    • So no? Lol

    • If someone's got a fever, it's easy to nurse him back to health, but if the cause of his fever is terminal cancer, I'm afraid he's beyond our help.

      I'm just saying if the guy's beliefs are what caused him to judge you quickly, then it's not what he said that you should be worried about, it's how he thinks. Which means, even if you were to dismiss this first incident as a misunderstanding, along the way, you'd have a bumpy road because he still hasn't learned patience or at least the benefit of the doubt. Yeah, I'm inclined to say no.

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