Should I stop talking to a guy that doesn't know what he wants?

So recently I met this guy and we have been talking to eachother for the week. It is strange because we are so very attracted to each other. A few days ago he asked me if I wanted to have a three some with him and another girl. Come to find out she is head over heels for him. I am a virgin and she isn't I feel so insecure about it. He says that we have more of an emotional connection. And that he would be there for me after. After much thought I told him I wasn't comfortable with it and he felt really bad about even suggesting it cause he doesn't want to hurt either of us. Last night we both just had a rough time he asked me to go over to his house cause he wante to hold me. I did and he immediately got a a hard and I started to make move and all he thinks is I want sex which isn't true. We had a great morning just lying in bed together. But now he's being standoffish and I know the other girl texted him this morning while I was there and he blew her off. Now he's just being kinda weird. I really like him but I don't want to get hurt what should I do.

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  • He does know it quite well, judging by your text.
    I don't think it's a good idea to have your first time sex in a threesome.

    • Yeah that's why I said no but this other girl really concerns me

    • Are you afraid he'll date her after your 'no' ? That's possible.

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