Do you see a future in us?

Since my ex and I have broken up he got with another girl I found out he told the new girl he wanted to be honest and let her know he's still talks and hangs out with his ex... when we see each other we kiss etc.. I also found out he hasn't had sex with the new girl when he was asked why he said he cnt just yet... I know one time I mentioned to him the day I find out he has sex with her imdone... I dnt want to say it's because of me but. overall although I text him more at the moment when we are in person with each other he pulls me close to him and hugs, kisses me.. do you see a future in us? My friends say just be patient but I dnt have patience.. I wish he wld just open his eyes and stay with me


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  • That's really strange. He obviously has feelings for you. Why is he even with that other girl? It seems that as long as you allow him to have it both ways, he will continue to do it. How does it make you feel knowing he is kissing you one minute, then kissing someone else the next? If you want a future with him, you might have to walk away. If he really cares for you, he will chase. Sometimes you don't know what you have until it's gone. It might take that to wake him up. As long as he still pulls you close and kisses you, there is a chance. But, I wouldn't allow any woman to ever do that to me. It would have to be me or him if I was with her first. If I was a guy trying to win over a girl, I might be able to put up with it, but I doubt it.

    • Yeah it's so confusing... the problem is I work with him so I don't know how to stay away like we all go out to eat for lunch.. if I dnt go he's going to think im "proving a point" I feel the fact he's kissing me etc when I see him is a sign to. keep being around at the same time like u said your right he knows right. now he can have it both ways... what if I give him distance n he says see she really didn't. care like she said she did and even though he knows this other. girl isn't the best he messes around with her... supposedly he likes the other girl because she likes to party, drink etc im more the church girl conservative.. it's like he knows im wife. material but he's enjoying his fun.. his room mates also like the new girl more than me because my ex has told them things when he was mad at me n now they see me as like the devil

    • I think you are at a point where you just have to tell him that you have feelings for him, but you are not going to be his "other option". Seeing two girls at the same time when he has a history with one is really not fair to you. I know some guys can do it, but I never have felt the need to do it.

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