Has this girl friend zoned me or do I still have a chance?

This girl and i met in our work place. before she left to further her studies i asked her out. She said yes. After that she talked about places we could go in the future. And once even said teasingly said i was handsome something happened. During the date (our first time out together ), she was dressed very nicely and we talked a lot with awkward silences mostly non existent. She doesn't directly ask me about myself but i too dint do that. So we were just talking about anything. I payed for her lunch and she said she would pay next time we went out. When she saw the time, (cause she had to go at 4, we met at 2) she said how the time flies. Then when we were heading for the car park she said her mother says she keep pushing people away so she is trying to make friends. She gave her number to another guy in work which she tell me he is creepy and doesn't answer his calls and she say she trust me by telling me this. So i told her when boys ask a girl for her phone number that mostly mean that the boy likes the girl. Then the girl says ' We are friends right' and i just said ya. Does this mean this girl is not interested in me as boyfriend material or do i still have a chance?
After the date I texted her if she had a nice time with me. She said she had a great time hanging out with me and suggested we could hang out next time. And most of her texts ends with a smiley face. So do i have a chance?


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  • Tell her that you kinda like her and would love to get to know her more by going on another date with her and see what she says!! Good luck:)

    • so should i just call her and do what you said? or should i tell her about this face to face by the end of a second 'date'?

  • You said you asked her out but she's acting like you guys are just friends and ignored the fact that u were actually asking her out. Seems like she friendzoned you but what u need to do is confront her on how u feel and explain you want to be more than friends.

    • Should i do it face to face? or can i call her? I would prefer asking her out a second time and then by the end of that date i tell her about i kind of like her and can't promise just being friends

    • Its better to tell her how you feel face to face. Call her up and ask her out for a 2nd date and then do as you said:)

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