Guys, what's the main reason you would call an ex?

My ex and I had a really bad breakup about 6 months ago. he called late at night the other night and I missed it. he was really mean during out break up, and it never really made sense why, we were never even official (and HE'S the one who wanted it casual). We haven't even been in the same city for the past 5 months, but I have no idea if he knows I'm back yet. The day before he called I also got a weird call, at a normal time though, from a number I also think may have been him (based on calling the number back, it being a guy who acted very suspicious and hung up when I asked who he was). So, guys, why do you call your exes? I feel like there are two major reasons: sex or you miss her. Or I guess maybe both. but which has it been for you?


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  • I think he missed you and knew you were back.
    I sometimes call to hear his voice because I miss him.
    Yes I know I am a girl but you didn't get any answers.

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