How to get over shyness to talk to guys you like?

I am so shy, even if I already really good friends with a guy I like, I won't ever go up to him and talk to him. I just get nervous and avoid him. Guys have noticed this, and some of my guy friends have said I'm the shyest girl in the world.


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  • You have to get out of your comfort zone. You have to realize that in some venues, although cute, in the long run it's not best for you -- not just about not getting the most ideal dates & boyfriends over time, but also in many facets of life like an ideal job, opportunities of this and that, etc. Highly Successful people who aren't writers or artists, are Rarely shy.

    - #1 understand & fully believe it's not a good thing in general to be uber-shy
    - Realize that it's Good to feel uncomfortable; look at it objectively when you're going to do the following:
    - Don't start with guys. Start with going to a stores and such and asking random but reasonable questions to those who work there. A lot. You can do ones you already know the answer to. Interact with strangers in general.
    - When walking around the mall, stores, gas stations, the street, etc -- smile at many people. If it feels uncomfortable (and they're normal looking) -- Do it! That's the key. Once comfortable with that, target cute guys. Have eye contact and smile. You're just passing by! Then, start saying a quick Hi with the smile when he makes eye contact back with a pleasant face. Again, you're just passing by! That's it!
    - Once comfortable with that, smile with eye contact at cute guys in bars, parties, social events, etc.
    - Have open body language & body position. We subconsciously read that off people. For guys to approach you, that's key
    - Never be "in the back of the room" where you're away from where most people are -- unless it's a totally obnoxious environment

    Once you do this over some time and Get Used To it -- you'll be more open. Guys you like will approach you more readily AND you'll be more apt to generate convo with one you like in the right settings. Guys aren't attracted to uber-shy girls. So you have to shed that + be comfortable interacting with guys you're attracted to!

  • At times, it's good to be shy. At least your not a outgoing girl that has 4 babies with 4 different guys, LOL! I am quite shy myself, but at times I have been outgoing by telling jokes in one way or another.

    • haha yeah i realize that once you already have someone it's not really a big deal.

    • I myself am still single, but then at those times where I lost my chance, I don't think I was as outgoing as I am now. Hmmm, when if there was a guy you liked/thought was cute and your parents just happened to be right next to you. It's hard to be outgoing then. That type of things has happened to me on many occasions.

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