Should I have paid for lunch if she asks waiter for two bills?

I am very attracted to this woman I used to work with. But not sure if she feels the same way.

Before she left, we talked about lunch together sometime.
We finally had lunch together, she asked me this time, but had declined many times before when I asked.

When we sat down she asked for two separate bills, I always considered her modern and independent, so didn't think anything of it. We had lunch and a few drinks each.
The bill came, we paid our own way, hugged in the parking lot and went back to work.

Looking back I should I have paid and regret it... does this give me a huge strike? Been out of the dating game so long as I'm recently separated... so not sure about the current rules


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  • I think you should pay unless the girl insists and demands that she doesn't want you to pay. If she doesn't push to pay for it then you should pay for it. You want to date her don't you? Dating involves sacrifice.

    • so her asking for a two bills was just a polite gesture, and I should have insisted... DOH... recoverable?

    • It's not necessarily bad. Some woman don't want the guy to pay for them until they are certain they want to date and get involved with that person so that might have been her way of asserting her independence from you. I say wait until next time and then offer to take her to dinner again and pay for it.

  • If she asked you out for lunch and she asks the waiter for two bills, it clearly shows that she is in control as to how the payment will be.. Its not a big deal to her if you haven't paid for the two of you since she requested it, unless if she is hesitant to pay...
    On the other hand, if you invited her, definitely you have to pay for both of you...


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