She's not looking to date or anything right now?

So this girl that I am really interested in, we've hung out a few times, you know, get to know each other kind of stuff. The other night she came over after work and we watched some movies and cuddled, I moved in and kissed her. ALL night long we cuddled and had random conversations up until noon the next day when I had to work. After work, she invited me to her place and we chatted for a few hours. But when I asked if she was interested after all that (because before the cuddling, I knew she was just kind of looking for friends but I figured afterwards, maybe something changed) She said "Idk, im still not really looking to date or anything like that" What am I supposed to do? I really like her but don't want to be pushy. She is going to a concert with me in a week, on that day she is supposed to work so I said if it was going to be too much trouble then not worry about it. She said " No its ok, I really wanna go with you, ill figure something out, I promise" Is she really interested or not?


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  • Dude, you just blew a booty call. You're being too analytic of something she's saying, she can't simply tell you "hey so and so, I really am very warm and fuzzy and I'd love for you to fuck my brainz out!", it was all there dude, sigh...

    • Nope, I know the code.. haha, this isn't my first rodeo with that. Def not a booty call.

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    • Well, I have a week to talk some more, I do plan to up my game a little at the concert... VIP tickets, hell yeah... I didn't say I was giving up, I just don't want to waste my time if someone saw a classic sign in there and yells "Run away!"

    • That's the spirit!

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  • Okay, let me give a girl's perspective of this. Just because she may not want to date at this moment, doesn't mean she doesn't want to have a relationship with you. She wants to get to know you and get close before she wants to take anything too seriously. Give her some time to get ready to date and you'll be her first option if you're this close to her already.


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  • If she wants to be with you I think that she's interested in you in some sort of way. She might be thinking of you as the one she wants to have a relationship with.