What does I it mean when a girl says this? What should I do?

I just met this girl and asked her out. She said yes. During the date, she dressed nicely but i failed to compliment her cause i forgot. we talked a lot, awkward silences were little and far between. I also failed to initiate any physical contact with her because i was scared and i kind of not thinking about it. I paid for her lunch and she offered to pay next time. But when we were heading to the carpark and In one of our conversations i told her when a boy asked for a girl's number it means we like the girl. She then asked if we were friends right? What does this mean? Does she want to know if i am romantically interested in her or Has she already friend zoned me? Since the question came out of the blue and caught me by surprise i just said 'ya ' to that question. Later she texted that she had a great time with me and can hang out another time with a smiley face. Should i revisit about this question about we being friends the next time we meet and tell her that i kinda like her and can't promise just being friends? What should i do?


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  • I think she was expecting a date, and then when you didn't compliment her or touch her, she must have revised her opinion to think that you must just want to be friends. Then maybe she thought she'd check if she's gotten the right impression or not.

    I think this is likely how she want the conversation to go:
    "So we're just friends, right?"
    "No, I want to be more than friends."
    And then she wouldn't have been left to wonder if you were not interested or just shy/slow-moving.

    Let her know that you are romantically interested in her. Even if she isn't interested (which I doubt), up-front honesty is the best way to go.

    • She even complimented me before that i was handsome (teasingly) when we work together. What makes you doubt that she is not interested? So should i ask her out again and tell her about this face to face? Or i should call her now?

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    • It's great th

    • It's great that you're going on another date! Good luck! Of course it's good to do the right thing for your culture :)

      Thanks for MH (well, I was the only one who answered...)

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