Are we just friends or more? How can I ask him without ruining the friendship?

I'm really confused about a friend of mine, recently when we hang out we will end up sleeping in the same bed, holding hands, flirting but never kissing. This is usually while we are slightly under the influence. When we are sober there's small flirting but nothing major again.. Some of the things he does and says when we drink/are sober makes think he likes me. But I don't want to jump to conclusions and make the friendship awkward. We have the same friends so it would be bad if we couldn't be friends..


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  • Personally, I think you should go for it. Yes, I suppose there is a chance you could have misread his signs, and potentially risk losing out on a friend, but there's something else to consider here as well. If you decide to stay "just friends," but one of you would like to pursue this further, eventually you two either will end up being a couple, or you'll end up parting ways. That's pretty much how it works.

    If it turns out he's cool with the "just friends" arrangement here, at least in the short term, you two can maintain this. Maybe you'll find you prefer this as well, and your friendship can hold. Maybe you'll still want more, and he'll decide he wants more, too. This can still work as well.

    • That's a good outlook onto the situation.. But I still have no idea how to ask him. I always freak out when I have the chance because I'm scared of how he will react.

    • Well, you're in luck. A man is a lot less fussy about how he is approached than a woman is. The very fact you had enough courage to just say it will leave a lasting impression in his mind, because most women will not even bother trying. You will have separated yourself from the "average" girl just asking.

      So, how do you ask? Dress with sexiness and confidence, put a big smile on your face, and go right up to him and invite him to a date with you. Have a day, time, and things to do already planned, and make it seem to him like he would be missing out on a great time if he says no to you.

  • Ask him politely " hey do you have feelings for me more than friends".


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