What are the dating stages in a relationship?

I'm not really familiar with the dating scene canadian/american style. In my culture as soon as a guy asks you out you're automatically considered to be boyfriend & girlfriend. You don't usually have anyone from the outside until the relationship ends. Can anyone tell me how the stages work?


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  • Well, To be honest it really depends on which part of the country your in, some people just rush right in to it, some people make it last days , weeks , months before they consider each other boyfriend/girlfriend. But basic states are

    1. Getting to know (that awkward time when you don't want to screw anything up

    2. Talking (courtship), a little more in detail from step one

    3. Actually starting to "date" in whatever sense you think that means

    That's the basic steps from where I'm living at right now anyways, it is way different living in a small town I might add


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