Your best tip for a first date (specifics please)?

Going out with an amazing, sweet, smart, cute girl this week, I'm a bit nervous and insecure but also super happy about it and really looking forward to that date. We're getting some coffee together. What is your best tip?
I'm 18, she's 17.
This is a picture of me in case anyone wants to give a grooming tip:
i. imgur. com/OzmVTHP. jpg (remove the extra spaces after each dot, I can't post links yet :/ )

Please don't answer things like 'be yourself' and 'enjoy it'. I fully agree with them, but I'm looking for some specific things. (For example: open the door for her)


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  • I've been on heaps of dates. Here's what I think:

    -Ask her lots of questions about herself
    -Make conversation
    -If there's an awkward silence, just grin at her and if she asks what you're grinning at tell her that she's just so beautiful/pretty/cute-always works
    -Don't just talk about yourself the whole time but when she asks stuff about you don't give her one word answers
    -Let the conversation go where it may like don't just talk about the same thing the whole time as it will get really old really fast
    -Be really sweet but honest and compliment her but not excessively-just a few here and there will do
    -Brush her hair out of her face slowly-this will make the mood change and may just give you a chance to kiss her
    -Do not say anything sexist, homophobic, or racist (unless she does it first but just save it for when you know each other better because what if she has a family member who is gay or lesbian or is really against sexism or something? That would be so awkward and put her off altogether)
    -Try not to go out of your way to impress her, like by all means try but not too hard
    -Don't be late! The last date I went on with one of my exes kept me waiting for an hour and a half!!! I was just sitting there on the driveway the whole time, scoffing chips. We broke up that day because he said that he couldn't be bothered and then forced me to do things with him
    -That's another thing: don't force her to do anything she doesn't want to do! Dude this is the first date, you don't want her to think you are just in it for the sex
    -At the end of the date please kiss her at least on the cheek, don't just hug her
    -Don't mess with her head! Make sure if you enjoyed yourself you text/message her letting her know that you do want to see her again. It doesn't have to be straight away but within 24 hours is good

    Anyways good luck. I know it's long but yeah haha


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  • Small things like opening the door or walking her to her car are awesome but in the end, mean almost nothing compared to your conversation. Keep in light and fun, but mix it up from the usual where you from/do you have brothers or sisters/how's school going. Talk about things in the coffee house, her favorite coffee, tell some funny story, debate coffee vs froyo - maybe not these exact things, but you get the idea.

  • From your picture, I dont think you need to do more grooming.
    From personal experience, you should really plan your date, after figuring out what kind of a person she is. I am a pretty chill person, so when guys bring me out to a fancy restaurant, it is not really a comfortable environment. Make the date as comfortable as possible, so that you guys can have a more relaxed conversation.

    Dont be overly courteous, it seems fake. But opening doors and the like is good. My main tip is that the best dates are often the ones where you have a good conversation with the other. So try and get to know what kind of a person she is so that you can ask her more thoughtful qs, instead of the cliched ones,

    Gd luck!!

  • Show interest interest in (ask her questions about herself)

    Be a gentleman (like you said, open the door)

    Try to make her laugh, be funny. If you aren't then its ok too. Just dont change yourself too much.

    Good luck :)


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