Someone please give me some advice?

So I've just turned sixteen like less than a week ago and have been allowed to date ever since I turned fifteen. Since then I have had over eight boyfriends but none of them have lasted more than a month and a half. I'm absolutely guy crazy! Like I can't help it at all but I just like every guy who is attractive/nice/likes me even in the slightest. No I'm not desperate-it just happens.

How do I decide whether or not I'm dating them for the right reasons? How do I make the relationship last longer? How do I be a better judge of character? Is playing hard to get good or bad? How do I do that because I do the opposite? How do I say no? And most importantly how do I not rush into the relationship?

Thank you in advance.


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  • I think you need to have a life of your own, hobbies, activities, sports... seek what you want to do

    You're still young and immature to find love.. don't take it to the heart, it applies to us all..
    But when you have those feelings, its normal for teenagers to feel that way and just rush into things... and don't play games, me honest and straight forward, and give things time and you will get everything you want... and how do you say no, just simply say no.. you will feel in control of yourself, and not desperate.
    Don't rush, or else, they will use you, trust me, a lot of guys use girls like you for your innocence and naivety, to take advantage of, if you know what I mean... Don't give yourself and your body away that easily for some guy you just met, even if you knew him for months, people change, never take someone for granted.. or you will regret it... take care of yourself, and everything will come in the right time.. but now, just observe and learn.

    You can ignore my opinion, and you can see it for yourself and choose the hard way..
    A friend of mine, when she was 15, she was so innocent and kind and just want to please anyone.. she had one of those boyfriends, and gave herself to him, and she got pregnant at that young age, and where is he now... ? a beautiful child without a father.

    Life is not about having boyfriends, girlfriends and all that crap.. its about you ! live it right, for yourself.. do the things that will make you happy, achieve what you want to achieve... you want to take part of fashion? go for it.. seek where you see yourself.. and all that you're thinking about will come later.

    • Oh my goodness thank you so much!! Not what I wanted to hear but wise words and it really helped!

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    • But not rude**

    • - How do I say no? And most importantly how do I not rush into the relationship?
      https:// psychcentral. com/blog/archives/2012/09/05/5-things-not-to-do-in-your-new-relationship/

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      these links might be helpful… you can do all the search you want in this..

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  • Listen dear
    while u r in a relationship and
    U meet him
    then try to feel his feelings
    sometimes when u r alone at home then put ur hand on ur heart and think whatever he had said if that will happen then what will u feel

    also ask him when he is saying something like i can do anything then
    then take exam but remember
    one thing
    that u should give hard thing to do
    and see his reaction if he passes it then don't trust him directly
    but there is a chance that u may loose him but if this happens then let him go

    but ur heart will know somehow
    it will say
    As u have describe that u never say no to him i know in this age to hold is harder
    but don't rush to that
    wait u r young so don't hurry

    U will definitely find someone
    and don't get used
    because in this age generally all teenager go for sex because of that a boy reputation does not affevted that much as girl be holy

    soon someone will enter ur heart whom u will love to be with and he will make u happy but also be awarere of fake love

    try this
    make an image of ur dream guy
    i know no one is perfect but
    in that image put ur all desires that
    he should like what
    main problem is that don't give any face to this image otherwise u may fall for wrong person
    when u think about that image pul ur all needs that can be fulfilled by that

    but don't be so stuborn
    when have a new bf and as u getting know to him compare him with ur dream boy
    and remember sometimes we may have to let go some bad habbits
    in a relationship love is must
    u know better than me about this
    Also when u define ur needs then don't reject anyone because of reasons like
    ur music taste r different or etc
    and laso don't build any need like this

    It seems u r doing well just give it a proper direction
    he will do anything for u
    love is something like to give and let go
    u will also rewarded by the same in return
    but sometimes u may not

    everyone can't move forward like u
    after having a bf or gf so go on
    best pf luck

  • You want guy who will respect you and love you for who you are
    You don't want a pushy guy who just wants sex from you
    Watch how a guy uses his language when he speaks to you
    Watch his body language when you two are together
    Your are totally normal cause your hormones are raging
    Your a teen girl you are highly normal and not abnormal
    You want guy to love you for real and you don't want fake love
    If guys make comments about sex them are red flags
    If a guy says mean stuff to you he is being a butt hole
    Your relationships won't last for now cause your fickled
    your not sure who you want but someday it will happen
    for now just be friends with guys and get to know them
    that special guy will come your way within due time
    don't believe everything a guy tells you cause he can
    be feeding a line to get what he wants from you

    • fickle in love meaning : he/she is deeply in love today then the next day not
      He is so fickle in love. This is because he is searching for the right person.

  • At that age 16 year old boys are only thinking about one thing.

    Make sure you don't get used and get a bad reputation.

    • I know that! I learnt it the hard way but I just don't know how not to! I'm so guy crazy it's ridiculous :/ Thanks though

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  • Ill just tell you, my view on dating. I believe that before you date someone, you have to know yourself first, you have to know what you want and dont want in a guy. Knowing this, will help you eliminate the toxic guys. You should not invest yourself emotionally in a person who won't appreciate it and usually, you will know that intuitively when you spend time with a guy. Guys your age are usually quite immature, so it won't hurt you if you wait for a few more years to seriously date and you could use this time to know yourself better, You have all the time in the world to date guys and make those mistakes, but you will never get your teenage years back so dont let the memories of bad relationships taint your memories of these precious years. This is just my opinion.

    Wish you all the best as you figure life out :)