Is safe to meet people?

I am 19 years old and last night I got a message from a 21 year old guy that lives around me and asked to hook up and to come over his house. Is it safe for me to do so even if he's around the same age as me and has a picture of himself? I really want to have sex bad but should I meet up with people if they have a picture and they are around the same age as me?


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  • I'd say any internet meeting runs it's share of risk, but I guess in fairness, hanging out with any stranger does. I'll say this though, meet me. com is highly suspect. My girlfriend is on there against her will. She googled her name as a joke and she was horrified to find a picture of herself in a sexy Halloween costume she posted on Facebook on meetme. Facebook owns all of your content I guess, so they can just your photos without your permission and use them for things like that. So I'm a little wary of that site, although I don't know much about it. But I guess it's no more dangerous than Tinder or any of these newfangled dating apps and sites. I'd make sure people close to you know where you'll be and maybe check in with them to let them know if you're ok.


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  • You'll only know that afterwards.

    This could be handy:

    This too:

  • dont do it

  • I don't know either of you so I cannot judge what kind of a guy he is... but if you trust him and even if it leads to sex, if you are k with it then fine..
    I don't know which part of the world you live in.. I am an Indian.. here in India if a girl loses her virginity before marriage, she will have to face lot of trouble and criticism from the society..
    Ultimately you are the one who should decide... My best wishes to you :)


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