Should I inbox him or write him on his wall?

A guy i dated, him and i hit it off great and everything was amazing except that he didn't live in my town and he traveled a lot and at that moment he had a lot going on, he told me so and said he wasn't looking for anything serious because he didn't have time, but we had such great time together.
This was in april.. now he has moved to my town but is on vacation in asia now.. but his birthday is on tuesday..

I want to begin talking to him again so should i inbox him happy birthday or write it on his wall?

Cause i he really wanted to date he would contact me right? so i should inbox him to show im all waiting for him etc.. cause its not so usual to inbox someone happy birthday..
i wanted to say happy birthday hope you are doing well.. in order to begin a conversation..

my heart says dont.. just write normally on his wall.. dont go running after him


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  • If you want him, chase him. If you don't want him, leave him alone. Go after what you want or move on.

    I say inbox him.

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