My boyfriend is not fat but very unhealthy he has gained 35 pounds since last year?

I love him but he eats unhealthy foods I want to help him but he doesn't like fruits and veggies. No lie I have gained about 10 pounds since we started dating because he always takes me out to dinner every night but I always order salads or non fried food. He works out but this is not muscle he claims. I don't know what to do! We are getting fat but how the hell did he gain 35 pounds in 7 months!


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  • I dont believe in boyfriend &girlfriend, it confines the natural growth of the actual friendship, you should never build fences around someone you love.,

    • She wasn't soliciting what your opinion on boyfriend/girlfriend, no was she?

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  • Wow, this sounds like my past relationship. We were doing everything together and also gained tons of weight. We started a diet plan and helped each other out, mainly because his money was getting low.
    I would cook every once in a while, and if we ordered out I would order something small.

    First, suggest joining a gym. Do you think that you guys would get a long great working out or running together? Second, do not dine out so much. If you do try low calorie meals and cut back on sugary drinks. Third, suggest seeing a nutritionist, he/she might be able to work around the fact that the doesn't like fruits and veggies, and just might find something else for him to eat that could be good for him. It sucks that he doesn't like veggies and fruits because that's where you get a lot of your nutrient from.