All he wants to do is game, and not help me with anything?

All my boyfriend wants to do lately is game. I'm all for that normally, i'm a major gamer as well. However, lately he won't help me do a single thing. He cusses at me if I am asking him if he's busy etc. For example, I just asked him if he was busy, and if he could help me. He kept sayin, "I'm in a damn game, bro." lol. The house is a wreck. I need help cleaning it all and maintaining it. Every time I pick it up, he's like a child and messes it up again. He won't even help me carry laundry into the laundry room. I have to make many trips because it's heavy and too much. Even if I ask to just help me carry it so I can go ahead and get it put in and washing rather than making a million trips, he ignores me and continues to play his games. What should I do about this? How can I get him to help me more? Like I said, i'm usually all for gaming because I am a major PC gamer myself, but there's times when you need to stop what you're doing and help out.


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  • You are fast becoming his new mother. You need to just stop doing things for him. If he doesn't start acting and helping out within one week tell him you cannot live like this any more. If it persists for two weeks move out and explain that if he is not willing to pull his share of the work you cannot continue forward. Love makes us put up with too much sometimes.

    What would happen if you had a child with him and these ways continue? While i do not advocate him completely giving up gaming (Everyone should be free to do what they like) i am an advocate for life skills. If he does not maintain or has never had life skills, the future will be bleak. He is fast becoming dependant on you in a bad way.


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  • Playing games all the time is not only unhealthy, it is also quite immature. You might tell your bf to stop being a kid and act like a man, which you find much more attractive.

    • Thank you for your response - I agree. With him acting a lot more childish, it's making me very turned off and not attracted towards. I love him, but I feel like i'm turning against him lately because of the way he acts.

    • You're welcome :)

  • I am a pretty hardcore gamer myself so I get where you guys are coming from. If he actually wants things to work out between you 2 he needs to step it up big time because right know all he is is an immature brat.

    • Exactly, thank you! I love my games, and I respect that he does as well, but whenever he needs help, I always go "afk" on my game and help with whatever needed. I wish he'd do the same, but like you said.. he's being an immature brat. :<

  • Thats what happen when y'all naive chix chose jerks over nice guys. y'all get what y'all deserved :3

    • Um, he wasn't a jerk first off, and he's not one in general. He gets too into games. So no, your comment is invalid.

    • keyspirits has a valid point. You do get what you pay for in this world... and most girls will overlook these obvious signs of a bad guy if it means they can hook up with the object of their desire

    • If he wasn't a jerk, why does he cuss and yelled at u and refrused to help around the house? Silly gurl thats da kinda guy u deserved anyways :3
      I know the feeling.. when u luv sumone no matter how terrible there personality is, u deny negative facts about them. All u care is that person and overlooked all the bad things he do. Its da truth babay x)

  • Do you love him? Have kids with him?


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