This guy I've been dating sending mixed signals, not sure about him?

so this guy I've been talking to for couple months sorta on and off through text is sending mixed messages i don't know if i should believe what he's saying its hard to know if he's being genuine so ill give a sum up so he tells me he likes me and that he's gonna marry me we had plans to me up but he didn't show coz he fell asleep coz he wakes up early and works all day i got mad at him for that btw, he recently got a bit jealous when i said i was out he said not with boys and i said nah no boys and he's like better not be. i don't know am i just overthinking its hard to get peoples sarcasm and attitude through texting he also likes to sext. ?


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  • I think he was being sarcastic.

    Makes plans with him to meet up, choose a date and time and place. And if that doesn't work for him then he'll counter it and fit the details to his schedule.