Another Crazy Question, please help?

I have another question. Here it is. Please it's long winded and bear with me.

After my previous experience with online dating, I took a break thinking maybe it's not really for me. So when I logged on after sometime I noticed my series of 'the usual flirts and odd messages'. One that really caught my attention was a guy that really went into discussing things that I have put in my profile (you know he went the extra mile and made some effort) but it all grinds to a halt without a profile picture. Which I kindly reply to how about adding a photo of yourself. He replied quite saying the way he looks might put me off because he was shy and it was quite beautiful. I said it doesn't matter he should still send one. When he did, he was quite geeky looking with glasses, shirt all buttoned up and the picture looked like he was taking a passport photo but he was attractive in his own way which I liked instantly. There I was thinking why was he still single? We met for our scheduled date at a local coffee shop quick mid point for us both. He was waiting for me with flowers by the station. BUT!!! he's shirt was wrinkled and he was dressed formally, he was nervous but I did enjoy myself. I gave him a chance of a second date because he might have first date jitters and all that but confused to why he kept hiding his phone. We talked through the week, reminding him to dress casually. On the second date... He blurts out 'I love you' BAM... I wasn't sure to how to reply so I just made a joke that tell me in 6mths. he still turned up in formal clothes, wrinkled, tensed and nervous. He said he doesn't believe I will turn up. I asked to see his phone, says he was ashamed it wasn't a smartphone. I asked him series of questions about his looks and his phone and he doesn't have FACEBOOK... So I've told him if he intends to see me again, he should invest in casual clothes, iron, a smartphone. Is that too harsh or I've sent him running?

Thanks in advance.


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