Confused ! What to do in this situation?

So this guy i been talking to for a while. We talked on a chat for a bit then he asked for my number cool he explains to me how he has no phone cause he it fell off when he was surfing that's fine he's borrowing. I never had a reason not to believe him. Then we start to talk on fb he really does not hide anything. He's been talking about going to someplace thats very close to me at first he hinted if i would like to go. He has been though a lot lately i been trying to be understanding his grandmother died and he never spoke to me i was worried about him. He explains takes forever to reply says he's busy with his son ok that's fine , now he went on to say he would explain everything, told him to call if he could (he never did ) He says he cares about me etc. He posted a pic in the place near me , never said anything and he has not met up with me cause he has no car wtf? Now i feel upset and don't know what to tell him. Seems he never has time for me. Can't he just say he is busy? what to do? Should i just ignore him?


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  • He doesn't own a car or it broke down and is in the shop so he can't see you?

    Hasn't made time to see you? Happens a lot in relationships.

    Here is what you can do! Tell him you're missing him lately, and you want to see him. Let him know that you are aware that things are kind of crazy with no phone and no car (bill troubles?) - but you would like it if he could make time in his schedule to give you a visit!

    If he sees you as a girlfriend I am sure he will try to schedule you something and accommodate. And if he doesn't at some point, then you know all that you need to for what to do next.

    Now I know you might want his "feeling" to be greater, to desire you, and not have to be told to come visit. But this is really not a sustainable concept in any relationship that is long term.

    • Thanks :) ironically enough he explained everything after I posted this. Family stuff , military stuff and yeah he was very opened about it and said soon we can meet. He brought a car and is fixing it up and his cell phone well it came smashed so he had to send it back but thanks :) Everything is good now.

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    • I can tell you're really happy everything worked out. It sounds like he can communicate too. You might have a winner there.

    • Yeah it was all basically he felt like being alone I told him he should never have to feel like that and he should be happy. I feel better and I feel we understand each other better.

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  • I think you along with all the people in the world who is interested in someone need to stop focusing on other people and their lives so much and just focus on their own.

    So short answer is: live your life he'll either make an effort or not.