Would you leave Mr/Ms Nice to be with Mr/Ms Dreamy? Guys and Girls please and thank you?

I have been crushing on a guy for about 12 months now, but nothing would have ever happened cause he had a girlfriend. Lets call him Mr Dreamy. It was hard/awkward cause he was always popping up in my life.

In the mean time I have started seeing another man. Lets call him Mr Nice. He is a lovely decent guy and I am very fond of him, but I always felt that there was something missing.

Anyway recently I found out that Mr Dreamy left he girlfriend, and I will admit being secretly pleased by hearing this. They broke up about 2 months ago. Then a few weeks ago Mr Dreamy started getting really flirty with me. After a few weeks of playful flirting he asked me out and my heart leapt. I didn't know what to say cause I not the type of girl to see someone behind someone's back. I made up a lame excuse which he apparently bought, but has asked me out repeatedly since.

What would any of ye do? I really want to go out with him but I don't want to hurt the guy i am 'seeing'. Should I leave Mr Nice to be with Mr Dreamy?
I really don't want to hurt Mr Nice.
Any ideas? All will be appreciated.

Thanks all.


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  • No. I'd keep Ms Nice. Ms Dreamy could be a really cute looking bitch with an attitude problem.

    • I get what you mean, he is persistent ill give him that much!

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