Why do guys think I'm unintelligent?

I'm not like other females. I don't need attention from man. I don't need a man to tell me I'm pretty.
I'm a virgin, highly sophisticated, and I'm not chasing after any man.


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  • I see it in the opposite way.. I find most girls that are quiet and are content with who they are very smart. I mean most girls I find are reserved are smart, and they have confidence. They don't need to show off or be the center of attention. I find this quality very attractive, but that is because it's the type of women I actually like.

    So who cares what guys say to you. Care for when the right guy comes by and loves you being all non-attention, virgin, highly sophisticated. However, at some point you will chase after a guy too, the ones that likes you for all the qualities you mentioned. And he will be worth it for you too. :)


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  • A guy made an equivalent post to this not too long ago.

    Why do you care that people think you're unintelligent? You say you don't need attention from a man or for a man to tell you you're pretty, but it's obviously something you're a little insecure about to have posted here, whether or not you're acknowledging it consciously.

    You're telling yourself these things that you've written under the question, but you have to learn to believe them by looking at the evidence and reconciling to that you are indeed intelligent.

    • Because I was curious.

  • Congrats. Good for you. Why should any man be impressed with you or think highly of you because of that? It comes across as arrogant and bitter, like you were that girl in high school who got burned and now she hates all men.

    • Burned? I've enevee been in a relationship before, and I'm pretty happy with my life :-)
      Maybe I'm proud of myself. Why do you feel the need to burst my bubble?
      You know what. You're opinion sucks anyways...

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    • If you feel that way good for you.

    • And good for you to listen. Did you not come to a Q&A forum seeking counsel?

  • Maybe it's not that they think you are dumb as much as they think you are vulnerable. A girl that hangs out with acquaintances and is nice and quiet. Might be lonely and more likely to go with the first guy to smooth talk her.

    • Hm. You might be right. A lot of guys do prey on girls they think are lonely. I just enjoy time by myself.

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    • Oh. Yeah, I don't party. I would rather stay home and watch movies ^.^

    • I've been to 3. Never. Fell. Asleep. And I'm glad I didn't.

  • ... Do people say you're unintelligent because you're a virgin and you don't chase guys?

    • No. But guys are always flirting with me. Trying to treat me like I'm naive.

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    • This girl is ridiculous lol

  • Maybe it's the way you carry yourself or something.

    • What do you mean? Don't sugar quote it. Say it.

    • Like the way you talk or act around people. Sometimes people make false assumptions based off of the things people do or say. Hope i make some kind of sense.

    • Lol, i don't need to sugar 'coat' anything hahah :P

  • Why would people think you're unintelligent? I don't get it

    • Me either. Guys always try to flirt and use me. Even though I'm quiet and very sweet. Why do I attract players?
      I don't even hang or go around them

    • Because maybe you hang with friends who attract players

    • Well kind of... I don't have many friends but I do hang around my acquaintances a lot. I don't like to judge people.. But I don't do the things they do just because I hang around them.

  • If you are going to loudly declare that you don't require validation based on the opinions of others, stop asking for our opinions. If only guys have told you that you are unintelligent, then it's probably not because it's true. If you've been told by a variety of people, it may just because they feel insulted and believe you to, indeed, be unintelligent.

    • My punctuation was terrible.

  • You've offered no specific example why you think men see you as unintelligent. You sound full of yourself and a bit angry. Not surprised men aren't falling over themselves to get your attention.

    • I'm not bitchy. You're just close minded. NO ONES GETTING MHA. SAVE YOUR MEAN COMMENTS YOU YOURSELVE!

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    • Do you see my finger? Guess which one it is? Because I need more then two of them to tell you how I feel. You don't know anything about me in real life. Maybe I was just having a bad day. Like I said close minded.

    • Being closed minded is refusing to acknowledge that other opinions may be more correct than your own, even in the face of pressing evidence.

      Mr. Anon was not being closed-minded. For whatever concatenation of reasons (which I really don't care to know) you were being bitchy as all hell when you wrote that post.

      In addition, your cursing at all everyone who fails to praise your majesty (and please keep in mind, you've given nobody any reason to believe you're majestic whatsoever) makes you seem like a foolish, spoiled child.

  • Because girls don't evaluate their self worth... on their intelligence. It's their looks, whether you think otherwise, or not

    • I barely show any skin. What are you trying to tell me?

    • That girls evaluate themselves on self worth... through how they look, skin or not

    • basically, whether you're covered up or not, I'm likely not to date you, if I'm not attracted to you, no matter how smart you are. ATTRACTION has to be there

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  • Guess they mistake your lack of interest in them for lack of "brains"? It's probably an idea concocted by them to soothe their bruised egos.. Let them think you're dumb.. It really doesn't matter? does it? You're not interested in them so who cares what they think of you :/