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Me and this guy met online, we met and hit it off really good. We've been dating for a while now and everything's good but we get to see eachother only once a week because he works almost every single day long hours and get home tired and falls asleep plus we live about 35 minutes from eachother. The thing is we barely get a chance to talk anymore. Maybe 5-10 messages at most everyday. He at times on his days off doesn't text me for hours at a time and claims he's busy. He said he's not ready to date yet cause he's to occupied with going to start school and with his career and that he doesn't want to lose me and wants me to stick around until he is ready to date when he finishes school in a year or two. I at times feel neglected and feel like I'm putting in 95% effort and he's putting in 5%. He's told me he loves me already and everything. I don't know if I should stay around or find someone else who will have time for me. The thing is I really do like him though and want to have a future with him and am trying my best to not give up on what we could possibly have in the future. He's a really good guy though and we've gotten really close to each other and trust one another with everything about our past. Opinions on what to do please?


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  • This is a tough one. Honestly, I feel that if he loved you as much as he says that he would make more of an effort to talk to you on his days off. Talk to him about it, and tell him that you would like more contact from him.

  • If you like him that much, then what's the point of asking if you should leave... you've kind of just answered your own question


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